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The Homing Missile

92 Panels

GREY Leather

This ball is the first prototype for a project that I'm working on in collaboration with Loughborough University. The same lab that's responsible for the infamous Jabulani. 

The Jabulani is known for unpredictable movement in the air. The goal for this ball is to also move in the air, but in a way that the kicker can control. 

The intended function works like this: the kick puts the ball down in preparation for their last minute free kick outside the box. They point the red arrow in the direction that they want the ball to move, and then kick the arrow. 

If 1 side of the ball is rough, and the other side of the ball smooth, does that create enough resistance to have a significant effect on the balls movement? 

The answer so far seems to be no, but I am working on an updated prototyped based on feedback from the lab. 

Allison holding the ball
footage from the lab