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Badly Drawn Ball

32 Unique Panels

Black & White Leather

One of my favorites. 

A ball that looks like a ball that someone would draw. 

At first glance the ball looks pretty normal. But upon closer inspection you'll realize that every one of the 32 panels on the ball is a unique shape, and the ball looks peculiar. 

Interestingly, making a ball that looks like this is much more complicated than making a ball that looks good and even. For a standard ball there's only 1 variable (how long do you make each edge?). For this ball, every panel is unique. 

Making changes to the shapes of a panel has a cascading effect and every other panel needs to be adjusted to compensate. Every panel has a specific place, and if any mistake is made during the stitching phase the ball wont come together. 

the ball being stitched together in qatar


the ball, spinning around showing every unique panel