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12 Pentagons

12 Pentagons

Green leather

The ball construction that I named my ball company after: 12 Pentagons. 

12 Pentagons is a pattern that you will see come up again and again in ball making. Lots of popular balls have 12 pentagons hiding in the construction somewhere. The standard 32 panel ball has 12 pentagons, the 92 panel ball has 12 pentagons, the 232 panel ball has 12 pentagons, the champions league ball is actually just 12 pentagons extended into little stars. 

This ball is just 12 pentagons, and nothing else. A very pure form of ball. 

This construction is the key to unlocking a few other projects that I'm working on, including the next version of the homing missile will use this construction as a base.

ball progress shot

the ball spinning